Always wash Pavone underwear before wearing them. The bamboo underwear can stain the first time you wash it. When you follow the instructions below your Pavone underwear will stay beautiful longer.

Wash the bamboo ladies' briefs and men's boxers of Pavone by hand if possible. First make lukewarm soapy water and repeatedly dip the lingerie in it and let the bamboo briefs soak for 15 minutes and then hand wash. Rinse with lukewarm clean water until all soap residue is gone. Tip: Use a drop of Soak before hand washing, soak for 15 minutes and the briefs will be completely clean again. Besides being very kind to your lingerie, it is also biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.

Do you prefer to use the washing machine? You can. Set the machine on low rpm. (800) Set the machine at 40°C or on the "delicate laundry" program. Use a mild liquid detergent for delicate laundry. Never use bleach, fabric softener or wool detergent. Use natural vinegar instead of fabric softener this agent is bacterial inhibitor, prevents odors and skin irritations, keeps the color nice and removes stains.
We are regularly asked if the underwear can also be washed at 60°C. The underwear is strong in material and can handle this wash cycle as well. We recommend reducing the rpm to 800 and not putting the underwear in the dryer after washing. Dry the underwear after washing by hanging it out, it needs more time to dry on the line due to the absorbent crotch.

Women and men with LS often experience greasy spots in the underwear due to the use of ointments. We then recommend soaking the underwear overnight in soapy water with quite a bit of soda crystals. After it has soaked overnight, it can go back into the washing machine and the underwear will come out like new.

Do you have another question about washing Pavone underwear? Email us: [email protected]