All panties from Pavone are designed to eliminate the use of panty liners. It is precisely because of the use of disposables that women quickly experience a sweltering effect that you feel the need to change your panty liner regularly. You end up in a vicious circle, as it were, even though there hasn't even been an 'oops' moment. The Pavone briefs have been developed in such a way that the crotch remains breathable and by using bamboo towelling and bamboo fleece, moisture is absorbed extra quickly and remains dry to the touch.

How do we prevent vaginal complaints?

Most women know exactly what is good for their vagina. However, following this up is not always as we were taught. Taking good care of our vagina can be done in different ways. First of all, we should not wash our vagina with soap and only with lukewarm water. This is because the inside of the vagina cleans itself. And also think about the moist toilet paper, these are more harmful than you think. They also disturb the acidity of the vagina.

In addition, avoid the use of panty liners, they close off the vagina and are a hotbed for bacteria. And the same goes for synthetic underwear, wear cotton or bamboo and sleep naked at night. The more air for the vagina, the better. Pavone's range offers a wide choice of fashionable panties with a protective and breathable crotch.