Why do the majority of all women over the age of 30 wear panty liners daily? Is this from necessity, extra safety or habit?

From Pavone, we explore all the motivations why women regularly wear panty liners. It often starts from extra safety during menstruation in addition to using a tampon or menstrual cup. From the first menstrual period until menopause, every woman has vaginal discharge, often some extra discharge before menstruation and during ovulation. Women shun the word discharge, it doesn't sound attractive and we associate it with uncleanness. While this is an important part of the natural cleansing mechanism of the body.

In addition, women experience from pregnancy, during exercise and menopause that they have to deal with urine leakage. Not pleasant and quite normal, all women suffer from this at some time or another. In addition to these common issues, each woman has her own reasons for wearing panty liners. Read more about all women's topics under the info tab.

The vagina is a very delicate organ. Pavone therefore believes that all women should take good care of their vagina. With the panties of Pavone you experience the safety of a panty liner and Pavone takes care of the natural balance of the vaginal flora. The fact that we are giving the environment a helping hand by eliminating the use of panty liners is also not entirely unimportant.