Corporate social responsibility is an important topic for the owner of Pavone Lingerie. The work of Plan International feels like a perfect collaboration. That is why Pavone Lingerie contributes as a Girls First Business Supporter to Plan International's programs related to water, sanitation and hygiene. Menstrual health is a very important part of this.

Pavone Lingerie has a clear mission. With sustainable lingerie, made of bamboo, the brand wants to make the taboos surrounding menstruation, urine leakage and other vaginal discomforts open for discussion. Therefore Pavone designs elegant, silky lingerie with absorbent properties especially for women who have to deal with this. Besides an extensive collection for women, the brand also has a line for men.

Personal motivation

For designer Janneke Schellekens the establishment of her company has a very personal reason. As a young girl she was a victim of sexual violence and developed vaginal complaints, because she started washing herself obsessively after that traumatic experience. As a result, she became intolerant of synthetic substances, among other things.

When years later, after the birth of her son, she suffered from mild urinary leakage, she decided to design her own silky-soft underwear from natural materials. She discovered her passion for fabrics and fashion much earlier, when she studied in Italy and later at the fashion academy in the Netherlands. In 2019, Janneke went after her dream and founded Pavone Lingerie.

Doing your bit

"Plan International is committed to providing better opportunities for girls and young women and works, among other things, to make menstruation more open to discussion. Also, with the help of Plan International's programs focused on menstrual health and hygiene, girls can continue to go to school when they have their periods," says Janneke Schellekens. "I hope to be able to contribute with my company to a better world with fairer opportunities for girls and women who dare to pursue dreams from their inner passion and strength."

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