Pavone's bamboo women's underwear works optimally for Vulvar eczema because the briefs are equipped with an integrated gusset made of 95% pure bamboo. This fabric feels like silk, absorbs, works hypoallergenically and stays dry to the touch.

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There are 2 main types of eczema namely:

Atopic or constitutional eczema
This is a chronic, non-infectious condition in which the skin is dry and defective, because of this there is a reduced function of the skin barrier. A disturbance of the immune system is also seen in atopic eczema. In atopic eczema, both hereditary predisposition and environmental factors can play a role. The severity of the condition can be different in everyone. This eczema usually begins in childhood and can disappear in 80% after childhood, this does not mean that it will not return later.

Contact eczema or exogenous eczema
This eczema is the result of external factors (i.e. from outside).
With this form of eczema, it is of course important to know what substances you are allergic to or what substances trigger the irritation.

In women with atopic or constitutional eczema on the vulva, the protective function of the skin on the vulva is reduced, so these women are often also more susceptible to irritants and allergenic stimuli. If you have both forms of eczema, you call it hybrid eczema.

What symptoms do you have?

Fluid secretion "Wetness
Pain when urinating

What can you see?

Red raised bumps
Lichenification from prolonged scratching (thickened skin, with increase in skin folds and enlargement of skin texture)


Is more investigation needed?

Initially, it is important for the doctor to find out what form of eczema it is.
Usually the doctor can determine this from what he sees and what you tell him.
Sometimes the doctor feels it is necessary to do some more research, think of

allergy research
Skin culture or biopsy

In case of contact eczema the doctor will try to find out which substances have an irritating effect and/or to which substances you are allergic.

How do you get rid of it?

Atopic or constitutional eczema is chronic, which means that the condition often never completely goes away. However, there are several treatments to reduce the symptoms of eczema.
Together with the doctor you can draw up a treatment plan. You then usually use an oily ointment and a medicinal eczema ointment.
It is very important to have a good treatment plan for eczema, which you also continue to follow faithfully, then many symptoms will diminish.
With contact eczema, you will no longer have symptoms if you avoid the substances that irritate you or to which you are allergic.

Many women experience discomfort with eczema and it can have a lasting impact on their daily lives. Pavone Lingerie's panties can offer a solution. With the softness of bamboo and the absorbent and breathable crotch with an anti-leak layer, women feel protected and comfortable. Check out the beautiful collection of Pavone slips here.