The face behind Pavone Lingerie is Janneke Schellekens. Janneke has lived in different places in Europe and South America and especially in Italy her passion for fashion has been ignited.
A few years ago Janneke started at the fashion academy in Amsterdam and then set up her company. She is very proud that everything that is her passion is reflected in Pavone.

Pavone is the Italian name for peacock, the peacock stands for pride, beauty, elegance and strength. As a designer Janneke is critical and strives for perfection. She now works with a team of passionate professionals, challenging each other every day to strive for the maximum achievable.

In 2019 Janneke launched her first collection for women, this collection has now expanded to 8 women's briefs, bikinis, bodysuits and lace tops. In 2021 Janneke also launched her first men's collection with 3 men's briefs made of bamboo. This collection also proved to be a resounding success. Janneke continues to work on expanding and improving her products and collections. 

In an ideal world Janneke would like to see taboos such as urine leakage broken for both men and women.

'My dream is to change the world of lingerie and break taboos'.