The advantages of the Pavone bamboo underwear are diverse. Besides the fact that all ladies briefs and men's boxers are designed by the Dutch owner and are therefore very unique, the briefs have a special application. The bamboo women's and men's underwear is designed with a special section made of bamboo which eliminates the use of panty liners. These gussets are incorporated into the panties so that you are always unseen with extra security in case of urine leakage, for example.

The gussets in all Pavone briefs are made of bamboo and consist of 3 different layers including bamboo fleece. The 3-layer crotch in all Pavone women's briefs and men's underwear is composed of a top layer made of bamboo fleece; this fabric feels extra soft, absorbs quickly and stays dry to the touch. The middle layer is bamboo bath fabric, this is an extra absorption layer. The bottom layer is a wafer-thin moisture repellent layer made of polyurethane, which is pressed to the bamboo terry so that it does not shift. This part is initially made as a separate part of the briefs, only once the bamboo jersey is cut is this part sewn into the women's briefs and men's boxers. Because of this technique, the protective part can never shift and is invisible to others.

Pavone's range offers a universal range of bamboo women's and men's underwear for urine leakage. All Pavone benefits at a glance:

  • All Pavone's bamboo women's and men's underwear are designed with the special and absorbent 3-layer crotch made of bamboo viscose
  • Bamboo feels like silk, absorbs optimally and stays dry to the touch
  • Optimal safety during sports ( stress incontinence )
  • Ideal cycling and riding underwear. (against chafing spots)
  • The ideal solution during and after pregnancy (pregnancy incontinence)
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to inlays (Pavone bamboo is certified).
  • The bamboo women's and men's underwear is well tolerated by women and men who suffer from complaints or allergic reactions from disposables.
  • Pavone's bamboo briefs and boxers are a good alternative to inlay material. 
  • All the bamboo women's and men's underwear can simply be put in the washing machine (40°C).
  • All Pavone briefs and bamboo boxers are of our own design and therefore each Pavone item is unique.
  • Very feminine and masculine incontinence underwear
  • The Pavone briefs are worn and well reviewed by women who have been diagnosed with the skin condition Lichen Sclerosus ( LS ).
  • Female friendly alternative for vaginal complaints such as Candida, vaginosis and vaginitis