Pavone's bamboo men's underwear has a protective, absorbent and neutralizing effect. The underwear is made of bamboo and has an absorbency of 50 ml. The comfortable and masculine solution to light leakage for men.

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More than 1 in 5 men over the age of 50 suffer from unwanted urine leakage. Urinary leakage in men is more common than we think. Problems arise after urological surgery on the prostate or an overactive bladder. As a result, men feel an urge to urinate suddenly which is accompanied by urine leakage.

An overactive bladder almost always has the cause that the prostate is enlarged. An overactive bladder can also be related to bladder infection or malfunctioning pelvic floor muscles, though the latter is more common in women. The risk of incontinence in men is seen as men age, exercise and obesity also seem to have a negative effect on incontinence.

In addition, men also experience problems such as unwanted leakage, also called postmicturition. Men then cannot empty the bladder properly and continue to lose urine. Again, this is often related to weakened pelvic floor muscles.

What is the biggest problem is that men do not like to talk about their prostate problems. Every day about 35 men are told they have prostate cancer. The result of this surgery is erection problems and almost always resulting in urine leakage. That's 12,775 Dutch men a year.

Unfortunately, there is still a taboo surrounding the fact that so many men struggle with urine leakage. For men, it feels like prostate problems are affecting their masculinity. The bamboo men's boxers designed by Pavone are black (inside and out) and have a thickened crotch made of bamboo. This crotch is made up of several layers of bamboo with, of course, an anti-leak feature built in. This protection is invisibly woven into the men's boxers, for many men the bamboo underwear from Pavone is the ideal solution for urine leakage.

The men's collection includes a boxer with long legs, a basic with short legs and the sports model.