Pavone's bamboo women's underwear works optimally for Lichen Sclerosus because the panties are equipped with an integrated crotch made of bamboo. This fabric feels like silk, absorbs, breathes and stays dry to the touch.

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Lichen Sclerosus is the name for a white skin condition in which the skin becomes thinner or thicker. It is most common on the genitals.
Lichen Sclerosus is a chronic inflammation of the skin, most common in women but also seen in men and children.

The disease can manifest at any age, but is most commonly seen in middle-aged women. There is a slightly higher risk of developing vulvar (skin) cancer in the affected areas.


The cause is unknown to date, although there is evidence that it is an autoimmune disease, meaning that the body's immune system is not functioning properly in the affected area, causing an inflammatory reaction.

What symptoms do you have?

Pain (raw distressing feeling)
Tightness of the skin

What can you see?

White skin
Thickening or thinning of the skin
Cracks or fissures
Blood blisters
Scarring may occur
The labia minora may disappear
Shows up mainly on the labia and around the anus
Clitoris may be covered
The entrance to the vagina may narrow

Is more research needed?

If you think you have Lichen Sclerosus, examination by a doctor is definitely needed.
Because of the slightly higher risk of getting vulvar cancer, you will need to be treated by a doctor.
Usually the doctor will recognize Lichen Sclerosus after listening to your story and physical examination.
If in doubt, a biopsy may be taken.

How do you get rid of it?

Lichen Sclerosus is not yet curable. Thus, treatment focuses on:

Reducing symptoms, i.e. less itching, pain and pain during intercourse
Prevention of change in anatomy/architecture
Reducing risk of vulvar cancer or its precursors.

Treatment consists of the thin application of corticosteroid (medicated) ointment and the use of oily ointments.
You apply the corticosteroid (medicated) ointment according to a personal intermittent lubrication schedule.
Because Lichen sclerosus is not curable, you must continue to lubricate with the medicinal ointment forever to prevent/reduce complications.

Studies have shown that Lichen Sclerosus patients who were compliant (applied according to schedule) achieved the following results.

less rapid flare-up of the Lichen Sclerosus
fewer anatomical abnormalities/changes
less risk of vulvar (skin) cancer

Pavone's bamboo women's underwear works optimally for the skin condition Lichen Sclerosus because the panties are equipped with a breathable crotch made of bamboo. This fabric feels like silk, absorbs and stays dry to the touch. The Pavone panties offer optimal comfort which minimizes irritation.

Most women with Lichen Sclerosus have to lubricate with hormone ointment. This is an oily ointment which causes stains in clothing. Women are therefore often forced to use panty liners. Panty liners do not breathe, making the symptoms worse. Pavone's underwear offers a 3-layer protection composed of several layers of bamboo. Bamboo fleece is in direct contact with the skin, this fabric absorbs quickly and works hypoallergenically.

If women need to lubricate towards the anus, we recommend the waist Rosa Plus Protection. This underwear has 3-layer protection on both the front and back, eliminating the need for an insert. You can find the Waist Rosa Plus Protection here.

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