Bamboo Taille High Waist Sofia Mystic Black

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The black waist lace is available again! Beautiful waist briefs with soft lace all around and featuring Pavone Lingerie's 3-layer protection.
Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

Pavone's bamboo women's underwear features an absorbent and breathable gusset. The gussets are made of bamboo, these are soft and protective. The comfortable and luxurious replacement of a panty liner for light urinary leakage, white blood or other vaginal discomforts.

All bamboo briefs can be beautifully combined with the matching Laurentina top made of supple lace.

Want to know what size to order? The midi lace is one size larger. The following sizes can be used for the midi lace:

S: 36-38

M: 38-40

L: 42-44

XL: 44-46

XXL: 46-48

Washing tips:

*Please note! Always wash the Pavone items before wearing*.

Set the machine to a low number of revolutions. Set the machine to 30°, 40° maximum or on the delicate wash program. Use a gentle liquid detergent for delicate laundry. Never use bleach, fabric softener or wool detergent. Never put lingerie in the dryer, but dry 'by air'.

Shipping and returns:

All orders are processed within 3 business days. No shipping costs are charged when you spend a minimum of €75. You can always return a package: send an email for a return form to [email protected] and use the recycled, reusable shipping bag again for your return.