Bamboo Bikini Eleonora Black & Gold

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Beautiful bikini black and gold with Pavone Lingerie's 3 layer protection. Ideal period proof swim underwear with anti leak function. Works hypoallergenic, protective and absorbent. Available from size S to size XL.
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The bikini is available in black and white and from size S to size XL. The briefs are waist bikini briefs and the gold, elastic band falls just below the navel.

The period proof Pavone bikini works optimally as a substitute for panty liners during menstruation or light urine loss. the bikini is equipped with Pavone's 3-layer protection and consists of 95% pure bamboo.

Want to know which size to order? Please note that the Pavone bikini is one size smaller than Pavone Lingerie's other bamboo items. Therefore, always order one size bigger than what you are used to ordering.

Size S = 36

Size M = 38

Size L = 40

Size XL = 42

Washing tips:

*Please note! Always wash the Pavone items before wearing*.

Wash Pavone's bamboo bikini by hand if possible. First make lukewarm soapy water and repeatedly immerse the lingerie in it and let the bamboo bikini soak for 15 minutes and then wash by hand. (Do not wring) Rinse with lukewarm clean water until all soap residue is gone. Tip: Use a drop of Soak for the hand wash, 15 minutes to soak and the body is completely clean again. Besides being very friendly to your lingerie, it is also biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly. Ideal for all bamboo lingerie from Pavone. More info:

Do you prefer to use the washing machine? You can. Fill the drum to a maximum of one third. Set the machine on a low number of revolutions. (800) Set the machine to 30°, 40° maximum or to the 'gentle cycle'. Use a mild liquid detergent for delicate laundry. Never use bleach, fabric softener or wool detergent. By using natural vinegar next to your detergent, you make sure that all bacteria are killed. Use this instead of fabric softener.

Shipping and returns:

All orders are processed within 3 business days. There are no shipping costs charged with a minimum order of € 75, - A package can always be returned: send an email for a return form to [email protected] and use the recycled reusable shipping bag again for your return. 

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